Alcohol Depression

Why Alcohol Consumption Causes Depression

alcohol consumption causes depression
Alcohol depression

Why Alcohol Consumption Causes Depression


You might wonder why alcohol consumption causes depression? I started drinking in my early teens. When I became an alcoholic, I’m not sure, but alcohol remained fun for me for many years, well into my late twenties. Some say that alcoholic stops growing emotionally at the time they began drinking alcoholically. The point is that for so many years I used alcohol to dampen my emotional feelings. When I was happy or sad I drank, it didn’t matter what I was feeling, alcohol was always part of my life. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was actually numbing my feelings and not really learning or growing emotionally. Years later when I would eventually seek recovery, learning how to deal with my emotions was difficult.

Which came first the chicken or the egg? What about alcoholism and depression? Many drinks because they’re depressed while others are depressed because they drink. As a recovering alcoholic, I believe they are some definite connections between the two, but believe that the drinking came first. Let me explain.

So if alcohol was causing my depression, simply abstaining from alcohol should fix all my problems right? That’s not the case, as the saying goes, “sober up a horse thief and you still got a horse thief.” So once I got rid of the alcohol, I needed to learn how to deal with my depression and emotions in a healthy manner. That is where working a healthy recovery program comes into play.

It is my experience that when I kept drinking, knowing I was destroying myself and my ambitions, the toll it took on my self-esteem and love for myself was devastating. This eventually led me to severe alcohol depression; so much so that the thoughts of hopelessness and despair would increase to the point of desperation and thoughts of self-injury. Finally, I realized that it was the alcohol and the life that it made me lead that was contributing to my depression. Although alcohol had a lot to do with my depression, it was also my medicine for many years; numbing the feelings and emotions I wasn’t capable of dealing with in any other way. This is why¬†alcohol consumption causes depression.

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