Alcohol Depression

Why Alcohol Use Causes Depression

alcohol use causes depression
Alcohol depression

Why Alcohol Use Causes Depression


Have you ever wondered alcohol use causes depression? In today’s world, it has been completely proven that drinking too much alcohol will cause depression. If we want to give a proper explanation of depression we can say when you feel unhappiness, sadness, hopelessness towards life and you have a very cold outlook on life, you are depressed. You might have experienced depression before or you may have not, but when you are depressed you lose any sort of interest towards activities which might have been your favorite activities before.


Depression will cause you to lose interest in activities and also bring you down to the point in which you don’t feel like you have enough energy for doing even your daily tasks. You should remember that depression in many cases comes with anxiety.

Since it’s been proven that alcohol will increase depression, it goes without saying that depressed people shouldn’t drink alcohol. It applies to people with high or low depression levels no matter what.

It might be interesting for you to know how depression starts. The first thing happens is that alcohol wipes out the level of serotonin in your blood and brain. Serotonin is a chemical that makes you happy and makes you feel good. By lowering this chemical, you are much more prone to feeling down and less happy. When you take any antidepressant drugs, they will build this serotonin back up. If you have been an alcoholic for a long time, you will also need a long time taking these drugs to bring the level of your serotonin back to normal.

You also have some hormones which cause you not to experience stress. When you drink alcohol, those hormones are wiped out as well to the point your brain and your nervous system will get depressed. There was a study done on two different stages. On the first stage, it was done on a group of people who have been drinking one drink per day and the second stage was done on the same group of people but this time they haven’t had any drinks for 3 months. The level of depression of the second stage group was impressively improved. So now imagine how much effect can alcohol have on you in a long run when you drink much more than a drink per day.

The bad thing about drinking alcohol is that it wipes out every bit of it vitamin in your system after you drink some alcohol. Dementia which is kind of madness is likely to happen in older people who whose brains have aged much more than others and are suffering from folic acid deficiency. This folic acid deficiency can also cause depression. The antioxidants in your blood will be broken down quicker if you drink too much alcohol.

Every person has a gene which is linked to depression and alcohol can provoke and activate that gene. It goes without saying that this can result in some mental issues. Now you are aware why alcohol use causes depression.

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