Alcohol Depression

Can Alcohol Cause Depression And Anxiety

can alcohol cause depression and anxiety
Alcohol depression

Can Alcohol Cause Depression And Anxiety


Can alcohol cause depression and anxiety? The more researchers are done on alcoholism and it’s after effects, the stronger relation is found between alcoholism and depression. Drinking too much alcohol will cause depression symptoms to get worse and this will be a resulted in a person experiencing stronger depression over the time.

But the only factor that will cause a person to experience strong depression is not alcohol since scientists have discovered that some other factors like environment, personality, biology and lifestyle of a person can be important too.

There was a study done in New Zealand between people from age 17 to 25. The results of this study showed that the people who are drinking more alcohol compared to others were prone to experience strong depressions nine times more.

The level of a chemical named serotonin and the level of brain neurotransmitters will be reduced to a great degree by using alcohol. Serotonin is a known chemical which plays an important role in making people feel happy. When you drink too much alcohol, your central nervous system and your brain will be much more depressed than if you didn’t drink alcohol.

Not only alcohol itself will cause you to experience depression since it clearly effects your work, relationship and family, those factors will add to your depression as well. All of this aside, scientists also have found some genes that have a direct relation with depression and alcohol will trigger them easily which will be resulted in those genes being activated and making you even more depressed.

Research and estimates have shown us that around 40% of people who drink a lot of alcohol every day have the symptoms of depression, but on the other hand, if those people are not drinking alcohol only 10% of women and 5% of men will experience symptoms of depression.

It is already a very bad thing that alcohol and depression coexist. Alcohol will cause people to lose their interests in activities they used to like before as well as making them cold and unwilling to experience any kind of emotion which can be resulted in increasing their violent and aggressive behavior which can be harmful to the society. So if you have this question “can alcohol cause depression and anxiety”, now you know what the answer is.

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