Alcohol Depression

Can Alcohol Cause Major Depression?

can alcohol cause major depression
Alcohol depression

Can alcohol cause major depression? You might be asking yourself this question, does depression happens first or alcoholism? It’s almost the same question as if you ask yourself does the egg come first or the chicken? There are a lot of people out there who are depressed and they drink alcohol to decrease their depression, but on the other hand, depression is one of the most common results of drinking too much alcohol. I as a recovering alcoholic believe that depression comes after and as a result of drinking too much alcohol. But I don’t deny the obvious connection between alcoholism and depression. I’m going to make it more clear for you.


At the age of 14, I started drinking alcohol and that’s when I became addicted to alcohol. Drinking alcohol was a very enjoyable thing for me for several years even in my twenties. Everyone is constantly being emotionally developed, some people say if you start drinking alcohol you will stop developing emotionally. For several years I liked to cover my feelings and emotions by drinking alcohol and since it felt good, I never regretted it and I always preferred to make myself feel happier by drinking alcohol. But the truth is I didn’t know this type of too much drinking will cause me to stop developing emotional feelings and it’s actually going for my benefit. One thing I clearly remember is that it was very hard for me to deal with my emotions, especially when I started to recover from being an alcoholic.


The more I drank the more I felt bad about myself and I felt like I was killing my dreams and I’m no longer an ambitious person. When you drink too much, you will feel some kind of a void and your self-confidence will be shaken, that’s when you’re going towards depression. When you go through severe depression, some thoughts which might sound insane to a lot of people will come to mind such as hurting yourself or breaking stuff. After several years of being addicted to alcohol, I finally realized it was truly crippling me and it was the most important reason why I was experiencing terrible feelings and couldn’t handle my life properly. The bad thing was I was addicted to alcohol as a medicine which would cause me to feel relieved of any stress I had.


When I reached that point when I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to stop drinking, but believe me, it is much easier said than done. I tried to work on my self-power which was killed during all those years and I was able to recover it to the point I could stop drinking alcohol.


When it comes to alcoholism, there is not one specific type of it. So if you are an alcoholic you should consult your doctor first. Now you don’t have this question “can alcohol cause major depression?” since you know the answer.

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